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Real Name:Teddy James Perkins
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Debut:September 19th,2016
Born: Los Angeles,Ca
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Mini Bio: Teddy James "T.J." Perkins is a Filipino-American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, performing on the Raw brand where he was the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion

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205 Live Results:September 19th,2017
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Rich Swann and TJP had a conversation backstage. TJP congratulated his friend and apologized for how intense things had gotten before suggesting they have another match because they work so well together. Swann disagreed and went to the ring to face Lince Dorado.

When the luchador was set to make his entrance, cameras found him knocked out backstage. Swann went to check things out when he was kicked in the face by TJP out of nowhere.

Perkins ripped one of Swann’s braids out of his head and taunted him with his own catchphrase. Then he dropped Swann’s head across the barricade to put him down for good.

In less than a minute, this segment managed to outdo the two matches we saw earlier in the show just by telling a better story
Screen Captures

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205 Live Results:Setpember 12th,2017
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Swann and TJP would have been the main event any other week due to the length and relevancy of their storyline, but they opened 205 Live instead.

This has been a strange storyline because TJP hasn’t been playing the typical heel. He kept pushing Swann’s buttons but also seemed to want to keep their friendship alive.

They alternated between sequences of quick moves and slower moments to let the impact of their maneuvers land with the live audience.

These two have amazing chemistry after years of traveling together, so it was no surprise when they put on a match better than anything we saw on SmackDown this week.

After a competitive fight, Swann picked up the win with a beautiful Phoenix Splash. TJP was visibly upset after the loss, but he chose to begrudgingly shake his friend’s hand.
Screen Captures

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Main Event Results:September 6th,2017
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Kendrick and Dorado start the match. They lock up. Kendrick chops Dorado. Dorado chops Kendrick. Dorado hits an Insiguri on Kendrick. Dorado hits a modified head-scissors on Kendrick. Dorado dropkicks Kendrick before pinning him for a two count. Ali tags in. Dorado and Ali hit a Double Russian Side Sweep on Kendrick. Ali pins Kendrick for a two count. Kendrick drives his knee into Kendrick. Kendrick backs Ali into the corner. TJP tags in. TJP stomps Ali several times. TJP connects with an uppercut to Kendrick. Ali eventually ducks a clothesline attempt from TJP. Ali hits a hurricanruna on TJP. Dorado is tagged back in. Ali and Dorado slam TJP to the mat. Kendrick tags in. Ali and Dorado hit a flapjack on Kendrick. Dorado launches Ali into a double dropkick to Kendrick and TJP. TJP is tagged in. Ali hits a snapmare on Kendrick. Ali briefly locks in a headlock on Kendrick, Kendrick hits a modified jawbreaker on Ali. Ali kicks Kendrick. TJP clotheslines Kendrick from the apron. Kendrick pins Ali for a two count. TJP is tagged in. TJP hits a Senton into the ring before pinning Kendrick for a two count. Kendrick is tagged back in. Kendrick hits a double under-hook suplex. Kendrick pins Ali for a two count. TJP tags back in. Ali strikes TJP. Ali connects with a boot to the face of Kendrick. Kendrick pulls Dorado off the apron before Ali can tag him. TJP sends Ali into the corner. Kendrick goes up to the apron and attempts to clothesline Ali, Ali connects with a superkick to him. Dorado is tagged in. Dorado hits a backdrop on TJP. Dorado hits a modified facebuster on TJP. Dorado dropkicks TJP before hitting a snapmare on him as well. Dorado hits a moonsault from off the top rope on TJP. Dorado pins TJP for a two count. Ali tags in. Dorado hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on Kendrick. Ali hits a neck-breaker on TJP. Ali ascends the turnbuckle. Ali hits an Inverted 450 Splash on TJP. Ali pins TJP for the win.
Screen Captures

Winner: Lince Dorado & Mustafa Ali

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205 live Results:September 5th,2017
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205 Live’s mid-card is shockingly strong, while the main event scene remains Enzo Amore’s best chance to shine on the main roster so far. He will face Neville at No Mercy after becoming number one contender, and it will be a sink-or-swim night for him — because if he can have a good match with Neville, there’s hope for him in this division.
Show Recap —

Each of the five participants in the fatal five-way elimination match cut a promo on why they’ll win — with Enzo Amore making the strongest case. While making his show debut on commentary, Nigel McGuinness talked about how 205 Live offers up style and finesse.

TJP came down for a match (with Ariya Daivari’s graphic shown). Daivari then entered, with Rich Swann bringing a chair with him to the announce table to do commentary for this.

TJP defeated Ariya Daivari

TJP started things off sloppily with a weird move that sent Daivari outside. He then hit the double-jump dropkick to the apron before Daivari took him down with a kneeling surfboard. TJP regained control with a vertical suplex into a back suplex for two.

Daivari sent him down and missed a frog splash, leading to a Detonation Kick finish for TJP. Swann danced, dabbed, and challenged TJP to a match next week.

Brian Kendrick vs. Jack Gallagher from last week was recapped, then Drew Gulak passed out pamphlets backstage aiming to make 205 Live better before facing Akira Tozawa.

McGuinness confirmed via a text from Kurt Angle that TJP will face Swann next week.

Screen Captures

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205 Live Results:August 29th,2017
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Swann challenged Daivari to this rematch after The Persian Lion defeated him two weeks ago thanks to a distraction from TJP.

Swann’s frenemy sat with the commentary team and claimed his issues with Swann were all in the past. He cheered Swann on, but he still made sure to mention how much better he was than the dancing machine.

Daivari tried to steal one of TJP’s crutches to use as a weapon, but TJP stopped him and Swann was able to win with a simple roll-up.

Daivari attacked TJP after the match, which forced TJP to reveal his injury was fake the whole time as he took Daivari out with his trademark brand of offense.

The match itself was average, but the reveal at the end was a nice addition to the story he and Swann have been telling for the past couple of months.
Screen Captures

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205 Live Results:August 22nd,2017
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Rich Swann and TJP had a conversation about what happened last week. TJP claims he is actually injured and didn’t mean to cost Swann the match, but Swann didn’t seem to buy it.
Screen Captures

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WWE 2K18
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TJ Perkins is officially apart of WWE 2K18 roster. To view his profile click here.Also to view the photos click here!

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205 Live Results:August 15th,2017
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This was the typical 205 Live fare, with hints of excitement drowned out by long heat segments and a dead crowd. Swann looked to be in complete control and was about to put Daivari away, only for TJP to turn up at the top of the stage.

Despite hobbling in on crutches, TJP caused enough of a distraction to allow Daivari to pick up the win over Swann.
Screen Captures

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205 Live Results:August 1st,2017
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Rich Swann is playing WWE 2K17 with Mustafa Ali in the locker room when TJP walks in. They have a heart-to-heart about their “friendly competition”, and agree to one more match next week. First, they pick up the controllers to compete that way.
Screen Captures

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Raw Results:July 31st,2017
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We return to see Tozawa being grounded by an armbar from Daivari. Akira is able to break free and hit a Shining Wizard. Swann and TJP both get the tag and they collide in the middle of the ring. Swann gets the upper hand and gets a two count on his friend. Alexander and Swann hit high-flying moves at the same time to Nese and TJP outside the ring. Tozawa hits a suicide dive to Daivari and he hurts his own shoulder in the process. Swann kicks TJP in the head before Tozawa hits the senton from the top rope for the pin and the win.

Screen Captures

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