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Real Name:Teddy James Perkins
Ring Name: TJ Perkins
Debut:September 19th,2016
Born: Los Angeles,Ca
Birthday: September 3,1984
Mini Bio: Teddy James "T.J." Perkins is a Filipino-American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, performing on the Raw brand where he was the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion

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205 Live Results:July 25th,2017
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Nese gets in some more posing as he and Swann kick things off. Swann showing off his agility and is able to ground Nese as he tags in Alexander. Alexander with an early pin attempt, for only a one count. Swann back in, double team moves as Nese is having a rough time in the ring as Alexander is brought back in yet again. Nese finally manages to tag out, but Alexander instantly puts TJP down to the mat. Some sloppy exchanges between TJP and Alexander, Nese tries to get involved but both he and TJP are sent to the outside. Both Alexander and Swann with some synchronized aerials to take out the other team.

Action back in the ring, TJP and Alexander still the legal men, TJP with some taunting on the ropes. Alexander charges and ends up on the floor, Nese with a distraction, and TJP gets in a sneak attack. Action back in the ring, Nese gets in there and puts Alexander in a tree of woe, hitting multiple knees. He then lays on the mat and does a few stomping kicks while working out his core. Crowd not giving Nese anything, despite his attempts at being super annoying. Alexander with a sneaky roll-up, two-count. Nese regains control and keeps Alexander on the mat. Minor “Alexander” chant breaks out. TJP tags in and lands big splash, cover, two-count, Alexander is having a tough time in there as he tries to tag out.

Alexander finally lands a big elbow to drop TJP as he slowly crawls to bring in Swann, Nese in too. Swann with some clotheslines, running splash, pin, two-count. Swann with multiple strikes, Nese with some creative counters, both men down and are able to tag out. Spanish Fly by Alexander! Nese is able to break up the pin though. Nese then gets a hold of Swann on the outside and smashes him into the announcer table. Alexander distracted by Nese, TJP puts him down and goes for a pin, Alexander able to awkwardly kick out. Detonation kick by Alexander, pin, two-count. Alexander goes for a top rope move, Nese climbs up from the floor, throws him off, and TJP gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: TJ Perkins and Tony Nese
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205 Live Results:July 18,2017
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Dasha Fuentes interviews TJP. They look back at Perkins impromptu “Beat The Clock” challenge win over Rich Swann last week, and Dasha says the WWE Universe is upset at TJ about that. Perkins says the only person he knows that’s upset is Swann. Their relationship has always been competitive, and Rich has never gotten over TJP beating him in the Cruiserweight Classic. Next week, he proposes a tag match with each man picking their partner.
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205 Live Results:July 11th,2017
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As a match between Rich Swann and Mario Connors got underway, TJP made his way to ringside to observe the contest. The Duke of Dab looked on – perhaps scouting his friend and rival, Swann, following their incredible match the week prior on WWE 205 Live.

With TJP looking on, the action kicked off and Connors managed an impressive showing against the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. After an offensive back and forth, Swann took control of the match and executed his jaw-dropping Phoenix Splash for the win. After the match, TJP entered the ring and announced his true intentions.

In the spirit of their “friendly” competition set in motion last week, TJP asked Swann if he was satisfied with his latest victory. The Fil-Am Flash then challenged Connors to a second match, this time against the first-ever Cruiserweight Champion.

Connors accepted, and that prompted TJP to ask for Swann’s match time on the TitanTron. The Duke of Dab then announced that he would beat his opponent faster than Swann.

TJP wasted little time attacking Connors and preparing to apply his patented Kneebar. However, Connors countered and nearly scored a pinfall. Despite the effort, The Fil-Am Flash recovered with a Detonation Kick to secure the win in just 28 seconds.
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205 Results:July 4th,2017
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TJP and Rich Swann had a conversation backstage where it appeared they were back to being buddies, but TJP still wanted this match so they could have a little friendly competition.

Both men are known for their quickness and versatility, so this match was high energy from the moment they locked up.

There was a moment where it looked like TJP was going to take advantage of Swann being injured outside the ring, but he ended up choosing to take the high road and allowed him to recover and beat a count-out.

We have seen better performances from both competitors, but they still stole the show with this main event. The crowd showed its appreciation with chants of “This is awesome.”

After one of the most competitive matches of the week, Swann got the win after a series of near-fall pinning combinations. TJP looked shocked at the outcome, but he showed good sportsmanship by embracing his friend to end the show.
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205 Live Results:June 20th,2017
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Highlights are then shown of what has taken place recently between Neville and Rich Swann, including Neville’s recent attack on Swann….. Rich Swann is backstage and is approached by TJP. Perkins tells Swann that he didn’t appreciate Swann questioning his recent antics of late. TJP tells Rich that he was trying to get in his head before his big title match last week with Neville. Swann tells TJP that he wasn’t trying to mess with him, that they have been friends for a long time and that he was sincerely concerned for him. Perkins buys Swann’s explanation and wishes him luck.
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Raw Results:June 19th,2017
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While Akira Tozawa is still technically not signed to The Titus Brand, the idea might have more legs than the WWE Universe initially thought.

After organizing a successful bout between The Stamina Monster and TJP on 205 Live and standing up to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville, Titus O’Neil was ringside for the Raw rematch between the inaugural and, possibly, future Cruiserweight Champion.

After hitting the senton, Tozawa again claimed victory over TJP, and O’Neil was quick to celebrate alongside his potential protégé and make promises of championship glory to come.

Neville, who sat near the commentary desk to check out Tozawa for himself, disputed the abilities of his would-be challenger, and The Big Deal didn’t just counter; he coined a hell of a catchphrase in response — “Your little Neville Level will surely be annihilated by The Powa of Tozawa.”
Featured Superstars

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205 Live Results:June 13th,2017
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In a match organized by Titus O’Neil to bolster Akira Tozawa’s potential value to The Titus Brand, The Japanese Superstar battled TJP in singles competition. Although O’Neil may have viewed the bout as a chance to recruit Tozawa, The Stamina Monster did not want to squander an opportunity to face the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion. Before the match, Rich Swann confronted TJP and told him to “get his head in the game” and decide what kind of competitor he wants to be.

As the opening bell sounded, Tozawa rallied the WWE Universe with his unique chants, and the Superstars angled for an advantage in the contest. The fast-paced ability of both Tozawa and The Duke of Dab led to a series of counters that garnered an ovation from the WWE Universe.

After the back and forth early on, TJP took control of the contest with a well-timed dropkick that stopped a high-flying attack from Tozawa. Focusing his attacks on his opponent’s arms and legs with strategic technical holds, TJP managed to keep Tozawa grounded and struggling to stay in the match.

Rallying and breaking TJP’s holds, the Japanese Superstar was fired up and relied on his quickness and ring awareness to take control of the bout, putting an exclamation point on the momentum shift with a high-impact headbutt through the ropes to the outside.

Despite the shift, The Duke of Dab displayed the championship gusto that helped him win the Cruiserweight Classic, and the two competitors battled back and forth with TJP nearly securing the win with his patented kneebar.

Recovering from the hold, a series of counters ended with a perfectly executed snap german suplex by Tozawa. This allowed The Stamina Monster to ascend to the top rope and top a high-flying senton on TJP for the win.

Following Tozawa’s victory, O’Neil celebrated in the locker room and was approached by WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville. The King of the Cruiserweights told O’Neil he was only setting up Tozawa for disappointment if The Japanese Superstar challenges Neville. O’Neil disagreed and told Neville – much to the WWE Cruiserweight Champion’s chagrin – that Tozawa was the future of WWE 205 Live.
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RAW Results:June 5th,2017
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After weeks of carrying out Neville’s bidding and helping him keep Austin Aries at bay, TJP is ready to claim what The King of the Cruiserweights promised: A WWE Cruiserweight Title Match. Or at least he says he is.

Truth be told, Neville played his right-hand man Monday night, promising TJP he would attempt to get the match sanctioned during The Fil-Am Flash’s bout against Mustafa Ali. Once TJP had defeated Ali, Neville resurfaced. The King of the Cruiserweights seemed to imply that he was unable to secure TJP’s promised match, but when The Duke of Dab demanded they speak to Kurt Angle together, Neville struck from behind and laid out TJP, revealing when he was done that TJP would get his opportunity on tomorrow’s 205 Live, exclusively on WWE Network.

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Raw Results:May 29th.2017
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To retain his WWE Cruiserweight Title on Sunday, Neville must avoid Austin Aries’ Last Chancery at all costs. And if the stakes of the title match weren’t high enough already, The King of the Cruiserweights got a taste of exactly what it is he’s in for on Raw, when he teamed with TJP to battle A-Double & Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Neville, of course, had a near-perfect game plan in store: He simply wouldn’t allow Aries into the match, and he teed off on Gentleman Jack with TJP at his side. But Gallagher’s devastating headbutt ultimately sent TJP running to Neville and allowed Gallagher to tag in Aries, bringing the match down to Sunday’s competitors.

Neville put up a savage fight, but Aries battled through his still-tweaked knee to dodge a Phoenix Splash and finally tap The King of the Cruiserweights out with the Last Chancery. It would be foolish to count the champion out yet, as Neville has proven he can survive outrageous odds. However, when it comes to escaping Aries’ signature hold, he’s officially down to his last chance.
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Main Event Results:May 26th,2017
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TJP defeated Gran Metalik

TJ Perkins, now “TJP,” doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit as a heel. His gimmick is perhaps more annoying than it is heelish. He comes out here against Gran Metalik and other than a curl of his upper lip, his entrance is just as it was when he first came to the main roster last year.

After a slow start, they put on some good wrestling. They previously faced off in the finals of the Cruiserweight Classic last year, where Perkins became Cruiserweight Champion.

Rest holds and TJP’s attempts to thwart any high flying from Metalik soon give way to these two reverting to type and doing what they do best.

After TJP’s suicide dive to the outside, Metalik does a beautiful ropewalking dropkick and then hits a top rope splash for a near fall. TJP rolls out of the way of a moonsault and hoists Metalik onto his shoulders and hits his Detonation Kick for the win.
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